We guarantee the Freshest!

  1. Sourcing: Grown locally and ethically
    The awesome fruits and vegetables we stock are also sold at (SoCal) farmers market. We place orders directly with the farmers, schedule weekly drops of variety boxes and also buy straight from our wholesalers at Better Life Organics in the downtown Produce District. We live in Southern California. Our region grows amazing fruits and vegetables year-round. As more and more people become educated about why organic, non-GMO foods are worth investing in, we will continue to provide food you can trust.
  2. Tender Care: Treating food like it's going inside of your body
    Most retailers of produce are focused on high-volume and quick turnover of their product. They don’t necessarily feel an obligation to nurture and provide quality care for these plants when they receive them. As an example: a bouquet of Swiss Chard should be minimally handled, set in a vase and covered with a BioBag®,  that 'breathes', and allows heat and moisture to evaporate. They help preserve nutrient value and extend quality. It’s a more elaborate process, but this high quality food nourishes your family! Everything is initially inspected and consistently monitored so that our customers receive the freshest items possible.
  3. Delivery: Carbon footprint matters
    We deliver to our downtown neighbors on bicycle. Why? The obvious advantages: zero carbon emissions, no parking or traffic delays, one less delivery truck speeding through downtown AND exercise and healthy eating promote a healthy lifestyle. A growing population of urban residents in cities like NYC, Portland, and San Fran are embracing bicycle delivery as an obvious, sustainable and convenient option. At KaleCart, we see it the same way. Also, our main goal is to get our vibrant fruits and vegetables to our customers as quickly as possible to maintain high quality.