The idea of "being immune" rarely occurs to us until we're down and out with a cold, fever, or something far worse like cancer. You might think that the body's immune system jumps into action only during illness, which is not the case. Our immune system is constantly at work, fighting off billions of bacteria, germs and other pathogens we encounter in our daily lives. Our immune system is a conglomerate of cells and organs that combat invading bacteria, and these "invisible warriors" are an essential part of our biology. This invisible defense shield remains active even when you are asleep. Like nature’s version of antibiotics, plant-based foods are vital to your body whether you’re already sick or trying to prevent getting sick.

[Watch the footage above to see a white blood cell track and destroy a bacteria cell. Gnarly huh?]

Alkalizing fruits and vegetables increase your resistance to disease and accelerate the body’s healing processes.  Leafy greens are among the most alkalizing vegetables due to their high chlorophyll content.  Make it a habit to consume organic greens everyday by eating salads, drinking green smoothies and vegetable juices, or by adding them to raw, blended soups.  Among the fruits, lemons and apples are considered highly alkalizing. Apples in particular have been known to lower the incidence of colds due to their antiviral properties.  Eat them fresh or make raw, unpasteurized and unsweetened apple juice or smoothie with the use of either a juicer or blender.

A note about vitamins

Forget about getting your nutrients from synthetic vitamins.  Get them from their best sources—fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.  If you feel hard-pressed in getting all your vitamins from fruits and vegetables, look for high quality (and usually a lot more expensive) multivitamins derived from natural food sources.