In this day and age there are many companies interested in profiting from your misfortune and ill health. We all know someone with cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, mental illness, depression, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, allergies, etc. “Big Food” has chemically altered the food we eat to cheapen their costs and keep us coming back for their product. Sound a little drastic? It is.

Knowing what to do and where to turn has become unbelievably complex. Being informed about the choices you have for your health and well-being can save your life.  The food industry, pharmaceuticals, and supplement companies don’t want you be involved in this movement.  We have a responsibility to uncover scientific truths that can save countless lives. Nearly all degenerative disease is actually caused by the processed, nutrient-depleted food being consumed in first-world nations around the world.  We need to educate our loved ones on the benefits of whole food/plant-based diets.

The trend driving local food is rooted in the nation’s organic movement, which began in the 1930’s and got a second life in the 1970’s by counterculture farmers. It gained mainstream credibility in 1990 when the Organic Foods Production Act was passed and the Agriculture Department began labeling organic food.

To some shoppers, such labels signaled that the products they were buying might be safer or healthier than conventionally produced food. Although some studies have found advantages to organically raised food, especially regarding pesticide residue, environmental impact and increases in certain nutrients, food scientists and farmers still argue the point.